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Austin Permit Service

Permit Services For 35 Years

Our Professionals are ready to assist you from schematic design, to permitting, through inspections and certificate of occupancy.

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Founded in 1984, Austin Permit Service, Inc. provides permit processing by interfacing with the City of Austin and surrounding municipalities. Our consulting proficiency has helped us develop and maintain excellent rapport with local building officials, which has earned us high esteem within the development community.

We offer a wide range of permitting and consulting services tailored to meet your project's individual needs.

Working alongside our clients, we are considered to be the pioneers of permitting in Austin, Texas. Our extensive knowledge of regulatory procedures allows us to champion anything from a quick turn-around for a small-scale project, to a vast superstructure that is ever-evolving.


Expedited Permitting

Our goal is to provide safe buildings, permitted in the most efficient manner possible. Our team of experts save you time, money, and provide you with every option available to receive a permit on time.


Many questions arise during the entitlement process from city planners, local residents and government leaders. We understand how to accurately identify the nuances that will affect your project and can provide the expertise needed to work with these agencies to get your project approved on time.

We offer permitting for...

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High Rise
Primary, secondary, & higher education
Certificate of occupancy
Resort & Hospitality
General Commercial
Expired Permits
Municipal and other public entities
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Austin Permit Service Projects

Austin Permit Service’s mission is to convert a perplexing procedure into the most productive, cogent, and cost-effective result. We are the communication intervening on behalf of our applicants and the provincial departments that govern their endeavors. Focusing on technical details, we facilitate all building and site permits along with correlated events. Our Team’s cumulative background offers a qualified competence in negotiating a circuitous system.

Here are some projects recently completed:

Our Projects
1400 Lavaca
Waterfront Oracle
405 Colorado
70 Rainey
Riata Vista
The Bowie
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